Chair test spots

Many selections have links to UNDER TEMPO recordings. Once you have mastered the intonation and rhythm, be sure to work it up to the appropriate tempo.

Chamber Violin 1

Beethoven D-G, I-K

Chamber Violin 2

Beethoven D-G, I-K

Chamber Cello

Beethoven A-C, 193-208

Legend B-F

Youth Violin 1

Beethoven B-C, D-E, F-G

Legend C- 43, F-G

Kiki Beg-A, 26-C, D-E

Palladio 3-19, 27-43

Youth VIolin 2

Beethoven B-C, D-E, F-G

Legend C-31, 36-43, F-G

Kiki 26-C, 47-E

Palladio 3-19

Youth Cello

Beethoven A-C

Legend B-F

Kiki Beg-A, 12-B

Palladio 13-14