Snoqualmie Strings Youth Orchestra

Snoqualmie Strings Youth Orchestra

A local orchestra serving the Snoqualmie Valley since 2009

Meeting after school on Fridays from 2:30-5:30, the orchestras incorporate all musical levels. Separately, each level of orchestra tackles songs at an appropriate level and pace. Unique to Snoqualmie Strings, all levels join together to perform several numbers at each concert. Newer musicians play simple parts along side advanced musicians playing more complex parts, creating an unforgettable, powerful musical experience for all. 

Come hear us at the Festival at Mount Si

on August 10, 3:15 pm

Need-to-know updates:


Registration is open for Fall 2024. Contact to discuss how to start learning now.

Learn to play from scratch. NO playing experience necessary. Recommended grades 3-5. 

Older or younger students are encouraged to contact me at for ideas how to get started.

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Fall auditions are on Friday, September 6.

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Registration is open for Fall 2024

No audition necessary. 1 year playing experience required. 

Rehearsals begin Friday, September 13 at Snoqualmie Middle School. 


Chamber, Youth, and Junior Orchestra rehearsals resume Friday September 13, at Snoqualmie Middle School.

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Orchestra Rehearsal schedule:Chamber:  3:00-4:30Youth:   3:30-5:00Junior: 3:30-4:30Debut: 2:30-3:30 or 4:30-5:30