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Beginning strings classes

Snoqualmie Strings offers introductory courses for Snoqualmie Valley School District elementary students interested in learning a stringed instrument. This year we are offering only one district-wide class at Mount Si High School.  This is a year-long class appropriate for grades 3 and up. Younger players can get approval to join after meeting with the teacher.

The class will run from 4:15-5:15 on Fridays, October through June.  The first day of class is October 5.  Students are encouraged to procure an instrument by October 2 for our instrument set-up night. You will receive detailed rental/purchase information after you register.

***The class is currently at capacity for all instruments. Please click below to join a waitlist. We may decide to open a second class.***


To teach beginning students the basics of playing a strings instrument.


1.      “Rest and Ready” positions

2.      Learning the correct bow hand, bow stroke, and instrument hold.

3.      Read the treble, alto, or bass clef.

4.      Proper care and maintenance of the instrument.

5.      Follow a conductor.

6.      Play together in an ensemble.

7.      Melody and harmony.

8.      Proper concert etiquette.

9.      Have fun!

Skill Level:

This class is designed for beginners. If a student has previous experience, they may be encouraged to audition for the Snoqualmie Strings Youth Orchestra.

Benefits of playing a stringed instrument:

  1. Improved social skills and respect for others.
  2. Improved creativity, self expression, and emotional enjoyment.
  3. Develop a lifetime skill that will improve math, reading, history, psychology, physics, literature, foreign language, and appreciation for the fine arts.

Which is better, private or group lessons?

Private lessons:

     1. Are more effective in teaching correct technique. The importance of correct technique cannot be overstated. If you are able to add private lessons, we strongly encourage this.

    2. Generally have a higher retention rate, perhaps because of the greater one-on-one attention from the teacher.

Group lessons:

    1. Are cheaper

    2. Have a social component that can make it more fun for social children

    3. Teach how to listen to other musicians and follow a conductor



$215/semester (15 classes) + one-time $25 supply fee. 

Includes one private lesson per semester.

Additional private lessons $25/lesson.

How to Obtain an Instrument:

PLEASE read carefully and ask for advice before purchasing. NEVER purchase from a generic online source, ALWAYS from a trusted violin shop.

Students will be required to get their own instrument, either by renting or purchasing. Renting is highly recommended at the start while you determine if this instrument is right for you.

We recommend renting from Hammond Ashley Violins in Issaquah or Henry Bischofberger Violins in Kirkland. has recently begun renting instruments as well and has great prices and excellent customer service. For cellos and basses, Music and Arts in Issaquah is an acceptable alternative.

Please visit a store of your choice to have your child measured for the correct size instrument and get their rental agreement information.

Purchasing is highly recommended once you have decided to stick with the instrument for at least a year. There are many inexpensive instrumental outfits that will do nicely. There are also many kinds that should be avoided, particularly anything that has been painted or arrives needing to be set up. (Some of these inferior instruments will not stay in tune and waste a lot of everyone's class time.)